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shatterpath ([personal profile] shatterpath) wrote2011-12-04 09:02 pm

Weekly gratitude, December 4th

In a change of pace, AJ and I agreed to do a weekly gratitude to force ourselves to look back and find the positive. This week everyone's healthy and seems happy. AJ and I are preparing for our respective trips, me to California to hang out with my mom and my sibs and AJ back to Oregon. A friend of ours (waves to Lil) has new kittens and she caught me up on how they are doing. I hope to give them both kisses one day! Amy and I did a silly cake decorating job on Spotty's birthday cupcake cake and found her a Fluttershy toy, which she's wanted. We both got fun stuff in our Inner Child Secret Santa gifts and I had great fun today with the florescent orange Silly Putty. The weather is clear and cold (we're in stagnation) and there is no rain on the horizon, so a few errands can be done outside. All in all, things are pretty decent!
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And I loved all of my fun birthday stuff that you guys did. It totally made my birthday awesome.