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I was going through my backlog of LWM stories and decided to see what I could finish. This one has a very abrupt ending I'm not thrilled with, but considering how old this piece is, I'll take what I can get.

Oh, and I don't remember how to do cuts, so my apologies for the length of the post...


++ Catherine ++


She is, as always, a magnificent figure. Lean and mean, she eyes the heavy bag, lashing out with heavily gloved fists to pound expertly at the giant sand bag. Being able to return to this primitive and fluid sport she loves has been good for Dace. That she's finally putting weight and muscle back on is a significant bonus.

Watching this lover and soulmate has not grown rote in our nearly seven months. I met her strong and whole, witnessed her broken and near-dead and I have watched her come back from her injuries. Nine days ago was the six month mark from Snake-Eyes attack. The white gold piercing Dace put in beneath both scar and eyebrow to mark the occasion is still raw.

"Hey, sexy," I purr as best I can, turning the hot blue eyes my way. Silently, Dace watches me strut over, her expression unreadable. She's been anxious and jumpy lately, but I understand the reasons why. In a month, we will go meet Jim Ellison and let nature take its course. Today, she'll be ovulating for a last time before getting pregnant and I'm sure that thought is weighing heavily on her mind.

Not to mention that Dace is one of those women that gets horny as hell when she's ovulating.

With that firsthand knowledge, I can reroute some of that jumpy energy to both of our benefits. A teasing finger drawn over the drum-tight skin over her sternum gets my lover's attention. "I kinda like you all sweaty like this," I drawl suggestively and the faint smirk warms both Dace's serious expression and her blue-flame eyes. They never leave me, tracking like a starved predator intent on a meal.

So I play her up, walking around her body, trailing that lone finger over her flesh and the damp sports bra. We have the entire house to ourselves, with Lindsey off in New York with her new Guide and Sara working overtime. No one will be moving around much in the ranch compound outside, not with the mid-summer Mohave heat beating down like an oven. Even through the air conditioning, it bleeds through, an entity in and of itself. It clings to Dace's sweat-slick skin, wicking away the moisture with its endless dry.

The tattoos on Dace's back are half-exposed, parts of her history written in the most permanent of inks. Still sensitive after all of these years, my touch on the marks makes Dace's breath stutter faintly.

My feral grin is not feigned.

I love being Dace's equal, but I cannot resist being a bossy lover sometimes. As impossibly well matched as we are, she compliments my style in everything. Standing passively, her heavily gloved hands resting on the heavy punching bag, Dace merely watches me silently. Often, there are no words between us, simply because they are unnecessary.

She smells warm and sweaty, having not exerted herself long enough to revert to her natural smell. It's a turn-on for me and I don't resist the urge to lean in and press a kiss between her shoulder blades. "Feels good to get so physical again, hmm?" I hum against her heated skin and earning a quiet grumble of affirmation. It's cute how quiet she is today, introspective and tense.

My hands sliding over Dace's waist and belly derail that introspection nicely, making her body respond. Since the cast came off in March and we could become true lovers in all senses of the word, we've gotten quite good at this sensual game.

The rip of Velcro pulls my attention from Dace's skin and I quickly order, "No, leave them on. I like you a little helpless."

Her amused snort makes me smile as I continue to seduce her primed body. Kisses over the planes and hollows of the narrow back brings the heat up from a simmer and towards a boil.

Soon, my lover will be changed fundamentally, this slender body ripe with child and all those attendant changes. In the meantime, she is still mine and I intend to take great advantage of that!

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*heh* Booyah, Doggie! That was nicely done!


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