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The readings are now CLOSED! Go see Ariestess at

Got $5 in tips!

Welcome to Part 2 of the Friday the 13th Tag Team Tarot Draw! You've already had the opportunity to visit [personal profile] miintikwa and [personal profile] ariestess will be up in an hour and a half, but for now, you're stuck with me! This is my first crack at this, so send me some fun questions or at least some good vibes.

Today, I will be using a fave deck I enjoy (what can I say, it's pretty) called the Gilded Tarot. I like the way the cards feel in my hand and the art speaks to me as well as the companion book being informative and insightful. During my 90 minutes, I will be doing single card readings. Feel free to ask a question or I will do my best to let the universe tell you what it will.

To borrow from Ariestess: An abbreviated version of my normal rules is this...

Today's draw is open to any and all.
Feel free to pimp this out far and wide.
I'll mark this post when the draw is closed.
You get one free draw with one question.
Additional one card draws or clarification cards can be had with a donation of $3 via the donate button below.
If you want your draw results to be screened or via PM, please let me know that and I'll comply with your wishes.

Crowdfunding Opportunity

Feel free to leave a donation/tip with the donate button below, but this is not required. Please make sure to list your DW/LJ name when you leave your donation/tip, so I know what usernames to add to the drawing for the free reading.
Everyone who makes a donation is entered into a drawing for a free reading using my special 6-card Personal Star spread. You will be able to choose from among my decks for your reading.
Note :: For every $25 in donations, another donator will be eligible for the free reading.

The Disclaimers
I am not any of the following :: doctor, lawyer, accountant. If you need assistance in any of these areas, please consult those professionals. I promise that I will do my very best to give you the best reading I can to the best of my abilities. Use the information for your reading as you choose to, but please remember I am the conduit/messenger, not the source of the information given.

If you would like a longer, more in-depth reading, please check out the options on DW or LJ. Feel free to PM me for further information.

And last, but not least, please have fun with this...


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