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Meme! I need the stimulation people!

gacked from [personal profile] ariestess

Give me a fandom and I'll reply with:

1. My favorite character.
2. ANOTHER favorite character!!
3. My favorite character relationship, and by "relationship" I don't necessarily mean pairing and certainly not OTP, but on the other hand, depending on the fandom MAYBE I DO!
4. The moment/character/THING/WHATEVER that first hooked me on the fandom.
5. One of my favorite moments.
6. A song or track that reminds me of this fandom.
7. One miscellaneous awesome thing about the fandom.
8. One completely random thought I have regarding this fandom.
9. One fic/essay rec, fanart, or fanvid that depending on the fandom I either had lovingly bookmarked or saved onto my hard drive, or only just now found during a two-minute Google search.

By now, you should know my fandoms, but I reserve the right to refuse a fandom if it’s one I have nothing to say about, or one I don’t know at all.
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Hmmm... I could be mean and say The Division, but I'll be nice and say My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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[personal profile] ariestess 2011-12-23 08:09 pm (UTC)(link)
What about FlutterGuy? *sporfles*

And now I need to go find us some MLP:FiM icons, don't I?