Feb. 22nd, 2012

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It has been pointed out that I have been around little for a long time. So, my partner, Ariestess, recently put up a mess of questions from her friends that I will now happily gack!

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gacked from [livejournal.com profile] marilavado AAAAAGES ago!

Your eye colour: Color-changing hazel. They can look blue or grey of even faintly greenish, but mostly that odd neutral color that doesn't stand out. But they're clear and expressive and isn't that what matters? :)

Nevermind hair colour: What are some other words to describe your hair? Ah, my one vanity. I didn't get my mother's gorgeous red hair, which I've always been bummed about. That said, my dad's hair is mine too, soft and dark. And I'm the lucky one to have gone a natural wave that gives it a lovely texture and will get downright curly when damp.

Are you taller, shorter, or average height? While Ariestess might be short, I am quite opposite at over 6'1. It's been a bone of contention my whole life, being so unusually tall, coupled with somewhat androgynous looks, VERY androgynous style, a deep voice and a very low dose of femininity. But, it has provided me with some real entertainment over the years and kept me from being ever physically bullied.

No one really cares to hear how much you weigh. How often do you feel self-conscious about your body? I don't care for my weight, particularly since it's pretty solidly due to inherent laziness. But, I've never been easy to motivate. EVER. A influential grownup from my very early childhood described having to coax/nearly force me to go play with the other kids. That always struck me as unusual.

Your birthday: is the time of year it takes place a season you love or hate? Late autumn/winter is a winner to me!

Your actual zodiac sign isn't important. Do you really believe in horoscopes? The roomie has a cool view on that. The fluctuating energies (magnetic, solar, electric etc) at time of conception/birth are malleable and even proveable, so why wouldn't they exert a subtle effect on us?

The number of years you've been on this planet is interesting, but what's more interesting: are you happy at this age? I think the strength of my emotions grow in intensity. The highs and lows are bigger and better.

We all know your sex right now. But do you really follow gender roles? No. And never really have. Yet, I don't think I'm a truly 'masculine' personality either. Though I suspect that would have fit me a little better. Even my mother can't argue that point.

Your favourite musician has been mentioned in every survey before this, I bet. But why don't you explain your connection to music and why it's so important to you? Picking a favorite is a toughie, but an artist needs to speak to my soul as well as my ears. And I am an opinionated pain in the butt about that too!

Most survey makers ask what your favourite movie is. But what they don't ask: why is it your favourite? There's so many... And the reasons why, huh? They range across a wide variety of moods, though most of them are lighter/funnier. I like my entertainment on the lighter side, what can I say? Humor is a delicate balance in particular. Some faves are Clue and Death to Smootchy. And I have always had a fascination with animation and even wish I had gotten into that business. So, Disney/Pixar flicks are always a winner. And old-school musicals and a decent cross-section of sci fi. Okay, I think I'm wandering off subject now. Heh...

Explain the ways in which you are extroverted and the ways in which you are introverted. If you are only extroverted or only introverted, explain how. Ariestess said it pretty succinctly, about it being contextual. Generally, I don't feel extroverted at all until I'm quite comfortable.

Surveys always give you a chance to talk about what's stressing you out. But what about what's not stressing you out? What is making you happy right now? Oooo! Lately, I have been drawing! Insert happy squeal here. I inherited a significant talent from my father that comes and goes like rain in the desert. Lately, it has been raining pretty hard. And, for the first time in pretty much my whole life, I get to be the favorite human to a feline companion who I adore with an abandon that scares me sometimes.

The book that you call your favourite: who is your favourite character in it, and why? Anything Anne McCaffery ever wrote. She had a grasp on character and world that clearly influenced how I write myself. She was inspirational. Specifically, her character of Menolly, who I still feel a marvelous connection to. A girl from a repressive society determined to squelch a gift that could and did change her world. Rather than be broken by that, she rose up to become influential and successful in ways that she never dreamed. What's not to love?

You don't even need to name your hometown here. Why don't you just describe it? The suburbs of Los Angeles of the 70s/80s were a strange place. Couple a smallish-town feel with a population of 150 thousand only a hourish from the second largest city in America. The mountain ranges and distance provided a cushioning effect that kept the smallish-town feel. But we also had access to all the benefits of a big city, like amusement parks and museums. I liked it.

What are you proud to say makes you the person you are? This can be accomplishments, likes and dislikes, the people in your life who have influenced you, etc. With my poor memory, questions like this are always hard on me. When I was a kid, my parents joined a terrific church that had a twofold effect on me. It taught me that organized religion is not my path and that there are some truly wonderful people out there. Various authors and artists have inspired my brain and soul and I had a teacher in high school that taught me what it was to be a decent, adult human being. And my beloved mother too. Heck, even my little sister has turned out to be a heck of a woman, just a late bloomer. I hope to catch up to her someday.

Are these always so emotionally draining? Whew...
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gacked from [personal profile] telesilla

First TV show I had self-insertion fantasies about: Oddly, I never inserted myself, though I had my share of 'Mary Sues' as a teen. Even my dreams are very rarely first person POV.

First fandom in which I interacted (online and in person) with other fans:
Xena. I came into the internet a bit late, but hit the ground running!

Pairing in the first slash fanfiction I read:
Hmmmm.... That might be Xena as well. I got out of the closet a bit late, so my reading/writing interests reflected that.

First RPS I read:
I found that RPS makes me very uncomfortable, so I don't really remember.

First fanfiction I read that made me think, YES, this is exactly the kind of fanfiction I'd like to write...
Some of the bigger names in the Xena fandom showed me that fanfic could be talented and creative. The only two I dredge up from my brain are Missy Good and dAx, the later of which I had the pleasure of knowing in real life. And yes, it was a pleasure, despite how it ended. But it was Stargate SG1 that really awoke what I could aspire to. I met Ariestess there and the talented Trancer (still a favorite).

First fanfiction I read that made me think, YES, this is exactly the kind of fanfiction I'd like to write, really well-written, and also funny...
Oh, my crappy memory kills me with details like this. Sorry.

Pairing in the first fanfiction I wrote:
My first fic was based in this terrible old BBC series called The Tomorrow People. I had such a crush on Carol. What scares me is that I still may have the thing in a crate somewhere...

First FPS OTP:
FPS? I can't decipher that acronym, but I'll take a wild guess. I was a Han and Leia fan from The Empire Strikes Back, and then Bev/Riker on Star Trek TNG. When femslash caught up with me (I didn't avoid it on purpose, really! Just clueless, that's all.) I was caught up in Xena and Gabby.

First RPS OTP:
I don't do RPS...

First fandom I wrote in that made me sweat bullets in fear I would fuck it up:
Before SG1, I don't believe I was really any good. Oh, the raw talent was always there, I come from a long line of stifled, crazy artists, but I just didn't 'get it' until SG1. Before then, I was only okay. Then I met Sam and Janet and of course, Ariestess!

First fanfiction writer I collaborated with:
Did I even do that before Ariestess? Well, she was the first one I actually shared writing tasks with. Before then, I created ideas with gaming buddies of mine that helped me with ideas. How I miss some of them...

First fanvid I saw that made me think WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!
Hmmmm. This too is probably Xena. Though I think it was CSI Sara/Sofia that started coming up with the really good stuff. Technology and all that!

First fannish friend I met in person:
dAx. Well, she is the first memorable one anyway. Those were good times!


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