Jan. 11th, 2012

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Hey y'all! Sorry to be tardy, but here's my calendar feedback. As always, thank you your time and effort in participating. Never think we take that for granted!

Merfilly- Through It All: Excellent intro to what feels like a larger tale.

Susan P- A Meeting of Minds: Excellent missing scene! Poor Susan to get all that stimuli. But think of all they'll have to talk about someday when they're together!

Layla- Kaylee and the Strawberry: Fun and sexy!

Athena- Victorian Seduction: Good use of language and the bond between them. I really felt for them.

Openended- Patchwork Land: I like the bond between them and you managed to get your point across despite my barely understanding the basis of the genre. No easy feat, I assure you!

Celevamp- Hardly Begun: Ahahahahaha! Awesome flirty River And unraveling Scully is always fun.

Annette- Working the Pole: Interesting intro! Makes me wonder if Santana isn't staying there on purpose because it's Rachel's.

Layla- A Woman's Touch: Glad they found each other.

Athena- Lazy Sunday: Cute!

Geekgrrllurking: When You Wish Upon a Star: Oh sweet naive Geek. Regina having anyone's best interests at heart but her own? Fantasy! All kidding aside, you just might be right! Damn you really do manage to write Regina ll warm and fuzzy don't you? White knight indeed. Damn clever setup that fits right in with Henry (who's slowly growing on me). Oh and a blue star AND something there that wasn't there before? Sly, Geek, very sly...

elliemuraski- More Things in Heaven: Confusing genre! But I liked your tale and found your characterization interesting.

Layla Aaron- Sleeping With the Enemy: Now those are office politics!

Cherokee62- Never Too Late: Glad they found each other!

Andromeda Valentine- Unconventional: I like the positivity of the 'friends with benefits' and the breadth of the time you conveyed with the tale.

Athena- Knickers, Wine & Movies: Ah, the seduction of food! And the ending is hilarious.

Openended- Danger, Danger, This Might Hurt: Maybe next time they'll do a different sort of flying. Heh!

Celievamp- In the Light: Oh how beautifully melancholy, but wonderful that, in some way, they are always together.

Athena- Mr Shakesbear: Good dialog and you made me chuckle!

Andromeda Valentine- One Night: Awww... the interactions were terrific across the board. I think Pete and Claudia might be my fave!


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