Nov. 11th, 2011

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*sings badly* It's my party and the sky'll cry is it wants to...

Today is my magic birthday! 11-11-11, my 41st birthday. After being up to 4 am with insomnia (and foolishly bringing up Legos Harry Potter) AJ and I hit Value Village for their ginormous Veteran's Day sale. With booty in hand, we stopped by the house for a bit, before we headed out for our local little beach, a fave hangout. Luckily, AJ remembered the bin of glass we've been forgetting to return to the Sound for AGES. Many years ago, I collected sand in an old milk bottle for juju purposes (and to keep candles safe while burning). Some time ago, Leo knocked it down and shattered it. So I collected it all into a bin that has been sitting on the stairs for months and months. I've walked past this thing a hundred times (more?) and nothing has happened. I took it to the water today... and it gouged my thumb. I have been officially blooded by the magicks! Woot! An important milestone to be sure. So, the piece that still had my chunk of skin on it went in first, and we moved further out on the dock to dump the rest. And I washed the blood off (twice) in the water too. So, after that we headed over to our fave grocery store (Red Apple) for my lottery tickets. Since I stupidly forgot cash, I couldn't use the machine and jumped in line. The cashier was finishing up a customer and there was a lady with ice cream between my and my tickets. I internally fretted that I would miss my window, but there was no need. At 11:11 and 33 seconds, my $11.99 (I had the munchies, dammit) charge went through. I also made a mess of inexpensive necklaces for the craft show tomorrow (ouchie thumbs) and got the car mostly packed. Lots and lots of good wishes from family and Facebook, cake and pizza. It's ALL good!


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