Sep. 4th, 2011

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Today, I'm grateful for Auntie Flo only soaking 2 of my 3 layers of clothes. I'm so damn done with this constant bleeding crap...
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So, I've been on Unconscious Mutterings for years now, and if I have written one of the blocks of ten words, damned if I can remember it. Anyway, today I feel the need to get something off my chest and word 5 clinched it for me. After almost ten years, my little sister has made a decision that horrifies me. She's callously getting rid of her kitty. I never thought she would do something like this to an innocent animal and I'm surprised at how much this bothers me. Oh, if it were for an unsolvable reason, I would give her a break, but as far as I know, there is not.

1. Cavern ::
2. Pharmacy ::
3. Local ::
4. Group ::
5. Brunette ::
6. Chain link ::
7. Priority ::
8. Intensify ::
9. Foster ::
10. Secluded ::

In the cavern of my sister's mind, she has given up on someone she loves.

In my eyes, she needs a pharmacy.

I'm not local and cannot help.

So she needs the help of those who are local and it would have been difficult for me to do so anyway.

Oh, brunette madness, dear sister.

Live a jail house yard, I will forever peek through this chain link fence between us and remember how you betrayed her.

Priority? What kind of fucked up priority is this?

Even though this is not my problem, my anger and disappointment continues to intensify.

Poor Arwen, your loyal companion for almost ten years.

Forever secluded from your life and heart.

Thank you for listening.
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So, yesterday, got dragged out to squid again. No more of that! So, I'm grateful the season is OVER.

Today, I drew THREE drawings! Woot! I have a trio of new ponies that I will be putting up on Deviantart and my journals ASAP. I'm quite pleased with my growing little herd.


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