Jul. 11th, 2011

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Say THAT ten times fast, eh? AJ, you're a size queen for titles! Now, my partner in crime has been doing these bulk feedbacks for some time and I'm now on that bandwagon. So, hang on tight and away we go!

AJ: I do love learning more about your characters, but Rachel in particular is in a class by herself. And, of course it's always fun to see what Kerry and Liz are up to in the recesses of your brain!

Merfilly- Finding Her Right Hand
Now, I don't know this genre, but i certainly got the gist of your characters and their reality. What certainly shined through clearly was the bond between them borne of both necessity and choice.

Layla Aaron- The Ma'Rani Chronicles
Excellent introduction to your original universe! I have to say that the world they live in makes me uncomfortable, but something would be missing if it did not. Your two main characters are decently well-rounded and I look forward to one day learning more of them and their journey. Ariestess and I agree that you have earned the Shatterstorm Award for the standout piece of this calendar! Congrats.

overthetiber- we'll see how brave you are
I liked the feel of your characters and how inevitable their fate appears to be.

Celievamp- TIME WAS
Bwahahahahahaha! This is the clear winner for my personal award. I know very, VERY little about the Dr Who universe, much less River Song, but you totally sold me on this tale. (Okay, I've seen some of Song's saga, since AJ is a slobbering Kingston nut. She does sell badass well, doesn't she?) Awesome use of humor and freinemies with benefits. Also, the scattered lines of thought on Song's fate with the Doctor left me curious as hell. Excellent work! **throws confetti***

Yay me!

Lil- State of Grace
Oh Lil, how I have missed your writing! I like how Grace's journey feels very organic and, as I actually know you in RL, she sounds JUST LIKE YOU.
"I wanna pout about it some. And whine and cry and say 'woe is me'. And then I wanna build a bridge and get over it."
I actually heard your voice say it in my head and laughed my ass off and read it out loud to AJ. Nuff said. :)

Ralst- Words, Action, Reaction
Excellent use of of angst leading to the happy ending! I particularly liked the petrified sergeant peeking in on them towards the end.

JAZwriter- The Tides
Ah, romance, gotta love it! Glad it worked out for your girls in the end.

Geekgrrllurking- A Taste of Things to Come
The supernatural part of this universe confused me at first, but I caught on quickly enough. The idea of the feeding 'tasting' different makes absolute sense to me and you used it well in this tale. Your girls were sweet and sexy!

Annette- Three Women and a Baby
Really? How did Tom stay out of an airlock (and the vacuum beyond) on this show? You have portrayed him as the idiot he always was (Really canon? B'Elanna and Tom? Really?) and it serves him right that he has made himself the ship's pariah (and village idiot, but that's another tale, eh?). Despite T/7 not being my cup of tea, I like how the relationship was spun out and I want more, dammit!
And that hot, cheesecake tease of a photo manip? Yum! :)

lavade- A Game of Tag
Now, while I don't understand this universe, it didn't really detract from the reading experience. Particularly, the images of the dim, dirty shed were very evocative.

triciabyrne1978- A Murder of Ravens
Nice supernatural twist! Good on Jeanette for protecting her loved ones.

Tristan Makhai- Nothing She'd Ever Wanted
Oooo! Interesting! Does this mean that our steampunk coffee shop in Seattle will have to have an airship theme? **laughs** I particularly liked the couple's interaction out in the cold air. Yum!

Thank you, everybody, for participating, and I hope to see you all again in winter! Caio!


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