May. 29th, 2011

TV 5 and 6

May. 29th, 2011 12:20 am
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Gah, I keep forgetting again! Grrr...

worst villains-  Hmmm... The first one that came to mind is Q. Really, has there ever been a more brilliant mind-fuck of a baddie? And the Borg. They give any sane, smart person the chills. Sarah Corvis from Bionic Woman, because Katee ROCKED that part. Particularly her first few eps when she really chewed up the scenery. Sterling from Leverage. Sue Sylvester, duh!

best actors/actresses-  Okay, here's me beating my favorite horse, Bionic Woman. Decent concept, rockin' cast, completely screwed nearly from the beginning. That being said, I loved, loved, loved Molly Price as Ruth. There was a depth to the character all out of proportion to screen time that was all Molly. And, dear lord did I get some AWESOME fanfic from her and Jamie! Early season Kate Mulgrew, when Jeri Taylor still controlled the character and she actually made some sense. Then the boys took over and RUINED her...  Jeri Ryan, both as Seven of Nine, if one could look past the absurd outfits to the complicated character beneath, and Tara on Leverage, because she was a riot. Actually, the entire cast of Leverage should go here, because they are an amazing bunch. Chris Colfer of Glee because he's awesome (and Heather and Nyah and Amber and Kevin). And Jane Lynch because how the HELL does she pull off Sue Sylvester?!??! Amanda Tapping, because, despite the Sam/Jack (gag) sellout, she's still a wonderful actress. Melina Kanakrides (yes I KNOW I spelled it wrong, I always do...) for giving us Stella Bonasera, a wonderful, complicated character. I'm still pissed as hell at CSINY about that... Idiots. And I still like Gary Senise, despite my fallout with that show. Claudia Christian for Susan Ivanova, at least before Ranger Dweeb. She was powerful, sassy and smart; believably flawed and completely indomitable. And if only they'd kept Andrea Thompson as Talia Winters around, that whole saga would have been even more interesting. And... I'm going to cut myself here because HOLY CRAP it's late....


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