May. 26th, 2011

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best episodes 

There is no FREAKIN' way I will be able to do this well! I can barely remember what shows I've watched, much less specific episodes. The weird thing is, just today AJ and I were talking about a best episode of something...

BSG: The Arrow of Athena ep where Kara hands over the Arrow to Laura. Oh, be still my slashy heart! And when they hugged after that battle... I got some great fic out of those two.
Oh! I just remembered what we were talking about earlier! It was CSI- Chasing the Bus. Not only did it have a lot of horrified interest for me about buses, but it was a well rounded ep for all characters, particularly Sara. Oh, and AJ just reminded me about 'Werewolves'. Heh! This is the ep where we first really got to know Sofia, easily one of the sexiest TV women EVER. And the bantering with Sara? Have I mention be still my slashy heart? I also loved how sensitive Sofia was to the sister during the tale, it warmed me greatly.
I have to say that I agree with several polls I've read that CSI:NY 'Snow Day' is some of the best TV ever. Good characterizations, a real sense of danger, marvelous heroics, it has it all. And a sassy Mac walking away with the girl that they never should have gotten rid of! Three cheers for Peyton... Then again, any story that involves Stella is good in my eyes!
Okay, here comes the way-back machine. When I was a teen, a pal got me into watching 'Robotech'. I clearly have memories of watching the alien ship crash land and we humans starting to rebuild it for our own purposes. That started my off and on love affair with anime.
NCIS 2-parter that included 'Kill Ari'. Watching the death of Kate and the entrance of Ziva was brilliant TV.
Bionic Woman 'Paradise Lost'. A show that could have been at least decent, but was reduced to absolute crap! Thankfully, the first handful of eps were at least decent enough to let the actors shine. In Paradise Lost, we saw the best of Ruth in particular, my fave from the show. I mean, teh 'She's my muscle' line? GOLD people. And the now infamous hot old muscle car that Geekgrrllurking and I have gotten some damn good mileage out of! Such a terrible waste of The Hawt.
Like the NCIS ep, my fave eps of West Wing (or quartet as the case may be) are ones I can barely watch again, if at all, because they pain me so. These started with 'the Black Vera Wang', the only actual title I can remember. Simon was such a GREAT character and I so mourned his death. Some of CJ's best stuff too, at least before she was Chief of Staff.

Bet there's plenty more, but this is what my brain rattled loose over the course of watching 'The Polar Express'. :)


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